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4th April 2009

bombottosa6:49pm: [01-24] Gossip Girl
[25-71] Gilmore Girls
[72-77] Dawson's Creek
[78-95] Pushing Daisies [Cast]

30th December 2008

veronica_a5:14pm: - battlestar galactica
- stargate atlantis
- gilmore girls
- stargate sg-1
- farscape

are you defending my honor?

6th December 2008

veronica_a6:33pm: 99 icons + 5 wallpapers
- stargate atlantis (15)
- battlestar galactica (19)
- stargate sg-1 (25)
- farscape (13)
- gilmore girls (10)
- doctor who (5)
- hillary clinton (7)
- john c., john s. (5)
- wallpaper: johns (1)
- wallpaper: sparky (3)
- wallpaper: jack/sam (1)

this way

10th August 2008

suiedream4:56am: GG Fanarts
Hi there  =)

I made some new stuff  :)

Teaser :

20 icons, 10 Banners ( Alexis Bledel, Lauren graham, Matt Czuchry, Javajunkies, Sophies )

01. 04.08.

The rest is here
at [info]suiedream

11th January 2008

ginni4:35pm: 01-20: Gilmore Girls Season 7
21-30: Friday Night Lights Season 1

please comment & credit

more here at omnia__paratus

13th September 2007

shinystar904:10pm: If taken please credit, do not hotlink, feel free to nominate! Comments are appreciated!

[21] x Brothers & Sisters 'The Other Walker'
[13] x Patrick Dempsey
[04] x Matt Czuchry

Tease Tease


16th June 2007

janemauz4:42pm: Icons:
[1-4] Gaspard Ulliel
[5-9] Matt Czuchry
[10] Alexis Bledel

[11-12] Lauren Graham
[13-16] Matt Czuchry
[17] Lord of the rings
[18-19] Jake Gyllenhaal
[20-21] Spiderman
[22-23] Jennifer Morrison

[24] Gaspard Ulliel/Edward Cullen



*Please credit
*please comment
*feel freee to friend me janemauz

26th April 2007

deanandsam2:30pm: Alexis Bledel Icons and Gilmore Girls Lovebars
24 Alexis Bledel Icons
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Rest Posted here

25 Gilmore Girls Lovebars
including Arielle Kebbel, Keiko Agena, Lauren Graham, Matt Czuchry, Rory/Logan and Scott Patterson
Check them out here

12 More Gilmore Girls Lovebars
including Alexis Bledel and Rory/Lorelai
Check them out here
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28th March 2007

shinystar908:14pm: Rory and Logan icons
If taken please credit, do not hotlink, feel free to nominate! Comments are appreciated!

[20] x Gilmore Girls 'Rory and Logan'

Tease Tease Tease


26th March 2007

icon_beauty4:20pm: New Affiliate!

Hi everyone, it's your Moderator here to tell you that we have a new affiliate! Lucky 7: The Matt Czuchry fanlisting. Please check it out and join today!

25th February 2007

waxwingedfae5:00pm: Bases from 7.15 - I Am A Kayak, Hear Me Roar!
Oodles of bases from 7.15 - I Am A Kayak, Hear Me Roar! Smaples and a download link below.

bases download

itemized list behind the cutCollapse )

19th February 2007

waxwingedfae5:23pm: 50+ Icons from Season 7
A quick season recap series from episodes 1 to 14.

You can find them in the gallery here [Note: search "Splash" in the keywords to find them :)]

17th February 2007

waxwingedfae10:47pm: Bases from 7.14 - Farewell, My Pet
Oodles of bases from 7.14 - Farewell, My Pet. Crediting policy is the same as always - a nod on a resource page is appreciated but not imperative and comments - oh how I love comments :)


itemized list behind the cutCollapse )

14th February 2007

waxwingedfae2:15pm: Quote icons from 7.12, 7.13 and 7.14
I'm having no luck at traditional icons from the episodes and I haven't done any in a while, but I do like quote icons, so there you have it :)

As usual, icons can be found here. Presently, they're up top but, if you found this in the memories and you can't find them, just use my search box and enter "Quotes"

13th February 2007

waxwingedfae10:22pm: 7.13 - "I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia" Bases
Bases from 7.13 - "I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia." AND, as a special bonus, between now and the time caps from 7.14 hit the interweb, i'll be working on icons. Something about tonight's episode inspired me :P

download bases

list of how many and who behind the cutCollapse )

3rd January 2007

waxwingedfae5:54pm: 7.10 - Merry Fisticuffs Bases
No icons for this pack either but copious amounts of bases and - do you know what that means? It means i'm finally caught up!!!!! Seriously, it's not that I don't love you guys, but if I have to look at David Suttcliffe again, I may experience a stigmata of the eye. Nevertheless, I have a bunch of Grey's Anatomy bases to catch up on but, when I'm done with those, keep your eyes peeled because I may return with some icons from these, the lost episodes.

OH! Also, just so you all know, the end of episode 10 brings a split in the base pack. Starting wtih the return of the series in Episode 11, i'll be releasing a new pack to house the new bases because, really, this one'sg etting a little big. It's still available though, so worry not!


1st January 2007

waxwingedfae11:19pm: 7.09 - Knit People! Knit! Bases
Bases from 7.09 are belated, but they're here.


Now if only i could find easy screeners of 7.10 ;)

22nd December 2006

waxwingedfae4:54pm: 7.08 - Introducing Lorelai Planetarium Bases
Oodles of bases from episode 7.08 - Introducing Lorelai Planetarium. Seriously, tons. For those of you that follow my updates - i'm sorry!!! It's been busy with the upcoming holiday and it has taken me longer than I wanted it to to catch up but, no worries, I am!! I swear!!


No icons as yet - check back tomorrow morning :)

2nd December 2006


Matt Czuchry/Logan H.: 1-12
Brooke/Jake: 13-14
Peyton/Haley: 15-25
Peyton/Brooke: 26-34
Peyton: 35-43
Peyton/LoganH. (OTH/GG): 44-51
Peyton/Lucas: 52-74
Dan/Karen: 75-84
Nathan/Haley: 85-86



More here.

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1st December 2006

ginni6:33pm: 28 Gilmore Girls icons
01-10: sookie and lane
11-28: episode 7.08

please comment and credit

more here... at my icon journal: omnia__paratus

27th November 2006

waxwingedfae11:47pm: Icons & Bases from 7.07 - French Twist
A few icons (I wasn't feeling up to much, and I really wanted to get caught up) from 7.07 - French Twist, and the usual number of bases. If you're a Lorelai/Chris fan, you probably want to download the pack and give a yank to that folder, at least - there are a ton (no matter how much I loathe it.)

bases } icons

21st November 2006

waxwingedfae2:32pm: Icons & Base Pack from 7.06 - Go Bulldogs!
I'm catching up! Of course, there's a new episode tonight and, thus, I will remain abysmally behind, but I am starting to catch up :)

16 Icons from 7.06 - Go Bulldogs and hundreds more prepped bases from the episode.

Icons | Bases

20th November 2006

waxwingedfae1:42pm: 16 Belated Icons from 7.05 - The Great Stink
You can blame NANOWRIMO for the belated delivery of these icons. The bases were done ages ago but NANO started and I never had time to upload and deliver the icons. I've just finished the bases from 7.06 and you should keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for a release of bases and icons from 7.06 and 7.07 (which, by the way, could that have sucked more?) In fact, i'll probably end up releasing 7.06, 7.07 and 7.08 all together. Anyway, yes, onto the icons

7.05 - The Great Stink Icons

31st October 2006

waxwingedfae7:05pm: Cuts from 7.05 - The Great Stink
Icon Bases - TONS OF BASES - from 7.05 - The Great Stink. I couldn't have let it go any longer than I did if I tried, but it's over now and they're done. No icons yet, but i'm looking forward to doing them, at least. There are literally 500 Rory/Logan bases and near equal quantities of the rest. It's crazy.


29th October 2006

xbirdseyeviewx6:49pm: Peyton/Logan (OTH/GG): 1-6
Chris/Lor(GG-Spoiler pics): 7-9
House of Carters: 10-11
OTH and OTH Cast: 12-24
Laguna Beach: 25-31


More Here...
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